(above pics - Tesla's Transmission Tower, Tesla, 15th January 1960 New York Times front page story about ELF weapons)
Nikola Tesla. 1857-1943
Without whose work and discoveries we would
  not have Electricity as we know it today. While Michael Faraday discovered  in 1831 that moving a magnet around a wire created an electric current,
  this discovery led on to many scientific discoveries which led to the direct
  current generator being invented along with many prototypes of the electric  lamp, the Englishman Swan probably
    credited with the first practical working electric lamp in 1879 and a young Nikola Tesla who saw that Direct
Current Electricity was not only wasteful but had severe limitations.
Edison Patented his electric lamp in 1880
  which was based not only on the lamp but a direct current power distribution system to power it.
What people do not realise
  is that while Thomas Edison is called the "Father of Electricity",
  and did indeed patent the first commercial electric lamp; his system was
  based on Direct Current. As such the idea of Alternating current was frowned  upon by Edison. He feared that; correctly; his system would be "taken over" by Alternating Current. Edison tried to discredit Tesla as -
Nikola Tesla was the inventor of Alternating Current.
Edison was a very aggressive, posturing, public image
  person while Tesla was a quiet, withdrawing, sensitive person.

Two completely different people.

However Tesla had truth on his side; as George Westinghouse  once said to him. Alternating Current was 100 per cent more efficient than Direct Current; and could travel extremely long distances over wires; while  Direct Current could only travel a few Kilometers. An Alternator operating  at full load is very very efficient as far as input to output. As Tesla said "it is in harmony with nature".
Teslas's life was as amazing as his discoveries.

Like  Faraday; Tesla knew that Electricity and Magnetism were unique forces in  Nature. They make up one of the four forces that are part of the physical  world we live in; and everything in it. Both men knew that Gravity; one of the other of the four forces; was also connected to Electricity and Magnetism.
Electricity and Magnetism are the same
thing. (one force)
Tesla's Alternating current
  "vision" came to him as he was in a public park and a poem about
  the dying of the day; and a new day being born across the world at the same  time was being read. His immediate thoughts were of a spinning generator  which reversed the poles. (an Alternator). He realised that this would provide  unlimited power.

He started writing on the ground in front of him with a
stick; the now well known sine wave; used to signify Alternating Current.

Tesla was very sensitive to all the senses. He could
  hear a clock ticking three rooms away. He had "visions" as he
  put it "sudden bursts of energy". Ordinary people thought him  strange; he refused to shake hands with anyone as he put it - it -"disturbed  his magnetic field". He had a fetish for washing his hands 30 or 40  times a day; could not stand fruit, and talked about outer space and possible life out there; which in the 1890's was considered as the sign of madness. 

Tesla knew that the world is full of energy; and natural  energy which is now called ELF or extra-low-frequency energy; is what he played around with. This is energy which exists as the Earth is like a giant  generator in space; and properly harnessed this could provide us all with  unlimited energy for our needs without needing to burn coal or use nuclear fission to produce electricity. Tesla looked forward to the present day where his Alternating Current power stations would be powered by ELF technology.
Tesla's energy was based  not on Electromagnetic but on a waveform called Scalar or Longitudinal.

It's  what the scientific community calls the "zero point energy" of  the vacuum or the Scalar value of zero. It's what the Occult calls the "ether".
Two intersecting Scalar waves form an Electromagnetic wave.
Tesla, with the financial backing of famous financier
  J.P. Morgan, built a Transmission tower (picture at top) which housed a resonating  tesla coil. It was shaped like a pyramid and it's intention was to transmit  energy around the world, from a single tower. Morgan provided the finance,  as Tesla had successfully developed Alternating Current, and with the backing  of Morgan had built the world's first Alternating Current Power station
  at Niagara Falls, in the U.S.A. Morgan was receptive to Tesla and thought
  that Tesla was onto something, having been impressed with Tesla's Alternating  Current Power station. HOWEVER when Morgan found out that Tesla wanted to  transmit FREE energy from the tower, it was literally burnt to the ground,
and Morgan would have nothing more to do with it. Shortly afterwards Tesla's lab was burnt to the ground, while Tesla was away, asleep in his home. In Teslas' time not much was known about  the Ionosphere. We now know that this, along with the Earth form a Sphere-in-a-sphere  capacitor fed by the solar winds, which are driven by the Van Allen belts  which act as the driving current with the molten inner earth acting as the  induced current. The atmosphere acts as a leaky capacitor. The Earth and  Ionosphere are about 55 Kilometers apart. In short the Earth is like a giant generator in space.

Tesla once said that we are like people in  a boat, in a fresh water river, who are dying of thirst because we do not know how to scoop up the water from the sides of the boat.

Tesla did not know that Scalar waves only became pronounced at extremely low frequencies but that is the basis of ELF technology today.

Unfortunately this ELF energy has two major problems. Firstly  it is Free. How can you charge for an energy which is all around us; all over the world ? And also more important; in the wrong hands it could destroy  our planet. Used correctly it would be a boom for humanity; but would be  more dangerous than letting off all the atomic bombs at once. It's literally a double edged sword or Pandora's Box.

Both the Russians and the Americans have used Tesla'a  ELF technology. Both sides have realised it's awesome capabilities. Tesla  said that his system would abolish war as no side would be able to launch  a missile attack as a defence "shield" would stop any missile.  Unfortunately the very same "shield" could destroy the planet  by destabilising the earth's magnetic field; destroy completely the ozone  layer; or any one of a number of major disasters. This might sound like  complete rubbish;

but in August 1975 the Russians and Americans signed a  draft agreement in Geneva at the International Disarmament Conference for  the banning of 19 ELF weapons which could cause such catastrophes

as Landslides;  earthquakes; avalanches; volcanoes; tidal waves; as well as harnessing lightning  bolts; guiding hurricanes to specific targets; melting the ice caps; changing  the direction of rivers; generating Rain; hail; fog; snow; selectively destabilising  the earth's magnetic field; and selectively destroying parts of the Ozone  layer.

US President Ford told the media that the US and USSR did not have these weapons but were signing the treaty "just in case".

This followed a 10 year tense  standoff after the Nuclear Submarine US Thresher "disappeared" while it was on patrol, in April 1963.  The Thresher was at the time the most advanced U.S. Submarine - Like the Titanic - Unsinkable. The USSR was rumoured to have used a Tesla device to remotely destroy the craft. This was after the backdown from the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis. The day after the Thresher disappeared the USSR successfully  deployed a Tesla Device to transmit an explosion to an underground location
    100 miles north of Puerto Rico.

The USSR did this to prove a point to the US.  Tesla has somehow been written out of the history books  but invented among other things the Fluorescent light, Robotics, the car  coil, and ultra high speed electrical switches. Alternating Current Alternators. With alternating current generation/transmission. His "Tesla coil"  is used today in labs around the world, and is used for things like detecting  leaks in vacuum apparatus. In 1899, two years before Marconi sent radio  across the Atlantic , Tesla had built remote radio-controlled toy boats.  Marconi worked for Tesla in Teslas own lab. Tesla was obsessed with energy  as a form of power, while Marconi only wanted to explore the prospect of  transmitting energy as a form of communication. The worlds first Alternating  Current power station was built in the late 1800's at Niagara Falls in the  U.S. by Tesla with the backing of George Westinghouse and J.P. Morgan, the  famous financier. Tesla made a rambling speech at the opening of the plant  about how it should have been built earlier and about missed opportunities  and left the audience thinking that the man was crazy. Tesla was a very  unique person.

Edison was furious

( over his D.C. power being discredited )  and began a scare campaign and rumour mill to discredit Tesla and destroy  Westinghouse. Alternating Current meant the end of Edisons' power distribution  system which was based on Direct Current. Only Teslas bailing out Westinghouse  saved him, but as a result Tesla was completely broke, and died alone, completely
  disillusioned, in a hotel room in New York during the second world war,
in 1943. A great deal of speculation has occurred about  the last years of Teslas' life. It was known that Tesla worked on the infamous  Philadelphia Experiment that the US Navy conducted in the very early 1940's
  . This was designed to make navy boats invisible to radar (as part of the
  war effort) - the Germans had a magnetic mine that was causing a lot of
  problems for the allies... Tesla did not  live much longer after that...There have been all sorts of statements made...
One can only guess about what really happened.